Tales from the TwitFace: the ‘7/7/7’ exercise.

This is an organizer post for a series that originally happened on Facebook.

I’m not much on the “repost, share and tag” thing in social media, but (somewhat ironically) I do love the sort of mental exercise that follows here, and I do love learning things about friends via their own journey through the same exercise.  So when someone I respect and admire, like Crowboy‘s Chris Smith, poses the challenge to post seven personally meaningful songs over seven days…well, sometimes, I actually bite:

At Christopher Smith‘s request, I’ll post seven personally meaningful songs over seven days*. I can’t quite bring myself to “challenge” someone else to do the same over each of those seven days, so it won’t be a true “7/7/7” for any purists out there, but I may well tag someone here and there, and if anyone wants to pick up that torch and run with it, I will follow with interest. (I admit, I do love mental exercises.)

So, here is what followed, documented here as separate posts.


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Kevin Wilmeth

Professional geek. Amateur human. Credible threat to musical instruments anywhere. (I can't help it. Ideas just invade my brain...)

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