7/7/7 Day Two: Michael Hedges, ‘Aerial Boundaries’.

(Note:  this post is part of a series.)

Day 2. I am posting seven personally meaningful songs over seven days*. I can’t quite bring myself to “challenge” someone else to do the same over each of those seven days, so it won’t be a true “7/7/7” for any purists out there, but I may well tag someone here and there, and if anyone wants to pick up that torch and run with it, I will follow with interest. (I admit, I do love mental exercises.)

Day 2: Michael Hedges, “Aerial Boundaries”

Chase the Blogspot link above for a fuller story, but suffice it to say that self-described “violent acoustic” artist Michael Hedges is ultimately responsible for my interest in fingerstyle playing in general, and in a great many out-of-the-box musical ideas in particular. Unlike Coltrane, I did get to see Hedges before he was taken from us, and I can still recall the experience in vivid mental color.

His influence, along with a very few others like Preston Reed and Phil Keaggy, has spawned an entire genre of its own–and one that is notably brimming with creative ideas.

I became a player, not just a listener, within the context of Guitar Craft (which will make an appearance within the next few days), but when I listen to myself now, it is impossible not to hear the influence of both Hedges and the musical universe he helped inspire.

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