Craftygrass logo, take one.

I got some time on the airplanes to work on a suitable Craftygrass logo, and in the meantime learn a few things about how to operate the LibreOffice drawing tool.  I’ve never really studied a vector-drawing package before, and to the extent that this one is representative of the breed, my initial thoughts are a blend of “cool!” and “well that seems clunky”.  As usual, I suspect that with a few dedicated sessions to actually learn the proper -fu (as opposed to hack-fu), I’d find it’s far more powerful and even logical than I noticed here.

Anyway, here’s a first stab at a Craftygrass logo, suitably reviewed by the cute 6yo sitting next to me on the plane.*  Note that the following is in .gif format;  apparently it takes a bit more planning to do SVG natively, but I’ll figure that out too.

Craftygrass logo
Copyright 2018 Craftygrass, LLC. All rights reserved.

There may be more work to be done, but in general I like it.  I suspect there are automation points available of which I am unaware, that might let me more easily change colors and better manage layers and object groupings, but this got me what I was after:  an iconic representation of the tripartite idea, vector scalable, reasonably well grouped, and reasonably easy to color-permute.

So, more to come.  Stay tuned.

* I’m a little more proud of my efforts when I consider that much of this was done with the seat in front of me reclined, my own seat unable to recline, machine essentially held in one hand to allow any hope of simultaneous screen viewing and touchpad manipulation with the other…and randomized, repeated impact nudges of the whirling dervish sitting next to me.  It’s…challenging, to make fine movements with rubato drumming on your elbow.  🙂


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