About Craftygrass

I like to think of these pages as the constructive-outlet headquarters for the…rather massive quantity of musicking ideas that fly around in my head.  It’s not so much that I have a need to document the ideas for fear of losing them, as it is that my need to process through ideas is often more efficient–and more complete–if I write at least some of them down.

So, if you will forgive me the occasional spin off into outer inner space, and further forgive my habit of writing at some length in an effort to be thorough and clear, then you just might find useful things here.  Or at least entertaining things.

With that in mind, grab a beverage and a comfy seat.  🙂

What is ‘Craftygrass’, anyway?  A little explication behind the name and the history, and how it relates to me.

Kevin’s bio.  A summary (no snickering, now), as best I can relate it, of my relationship with music, both as a listener and as a player.

Musical influences.  Who is it that I follow, respect, listen to, emulate, learn from?  This is both an impossibly tough and exceedingly easy question.

Contact.  If you’re the sort of glutton for punishment who would read all those links and yet still want to get in touch with me, you can find out how here.