Phil Keaggy, ‘County Down’.

Documenting a great clip to introduce someone to Phil Keaggy’s acoustic work.  So much of what makes him great is in evidence right here..

Of course, even after all this time (I first ran into the clip long ago), I still grouse about the stinkin’ edit at the end.  Grrr…


Dan Crary, ‘Denouement’.

I first heard this lovely tune in the background, on Pandora radio, while working.  It is perfectly titled, sublimely beautiful, and a great demonstration of a guitar-cello arrangement.  Duly bookmarked!

An 8-string tuning for the next instrument build.

An interesting tuning idea flashed across the brainwaves today, as I seem to continue to chew on the idea of the reentrant tuning.  (It was relatively recently that the idea of the upside-down ukulele tuning occurred.  Apparently this means I’m fascinated.)

The tuning would be for an 8-stringed, guitar-scaled instrument, and would proceed, from strings 8 to 1:

C2 – G2 – D3 – A3 – E4 – E3 – G3 – B3

Hm.  Chicken scratch followed.


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Initial review of the site?

This post, and its comments, are intended to serve as a means of collecting some feedback, mostly from a few targeted invitees but certainly open to any passersby willing to contribute constructively, about the site itself.  I still consider it “under construction”, but there is enough there now to make this a potentially useful exercise.

What I’m looking for are things like this:

  • Is the navigation and layout logical to you?
  • Is the user experience smooth on all clients? (i.e., desktop, tablet, phone…)
  • Is there anything glaringly missing?
  • What one thing would you improve first?
  • Is the Instruction navigational section appropriate for a prospective student?
  • Is the About navigational section appropriate for its stated purpose?
  • Is the use of links, tags, and categories in the written content reasonably consistent?
  • Is the written content itself effective, or detracting?
  • Is the use of media (e.g., images and video) effective?

And of course other things you think I should know.

You can leave comments publicly, or just ping me back directly if you prefer–whatever works for you.  I’d just love to get some good feedback now that the written content is mostly done, and get things in good enough shape to move more into the “working” mode, rather than the deliberate “construction” mode.  🙂

Thank you for what you are willing to offer!

– Kevin W.

Seven-headed Crim: ‘Starless’.

This needs a bookmark.  Another teaser from the 2015 tour of the “Seven-headed beast of Crim”;  this one the ’70s-era staple “Starless”.

Most previous observations still apply, at least at first viewing of this second clip.  I found I wanted Collins to be much louder in the mix here, as his presence on the original ’74 recording is just breathtaking.  It was cool to see the drum parts scattered among the frontline, especially including Rieflin, who is also the keyboardist.  And it was a treat to watch the “circulated” pivot notes between the two guitarists late in the 13/8 windup.

But man, check out Robert Unrestrained from 10:45 – 11:10, especially that top-of-the-neck harmonization at 11:00.  Holy smokes!

Like I said–this needs a bookmark.  🙂