This is the place to come to find out about Craftygrass projects past, present, and possible. It is organized rather simply;  the links below essentially list things out, and guide you to where you can learn more.

News, and unstructured projects

Blog posts. This is a filter of blog posts in the “projects” category. Here, you’ll find project news items, prospective project ideas, and unstructured or smaller projects. Note that most posts are tagged with relevant keywords to help you find related items.

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Current projects

Harumpf:  this space is currently a placeholder.
Teaser:  it will not be a placeholder forever.

Historic projects

Guitar Circle Colorado.  Before there could be Craftygrass, there had to be Crafty.  Kevin was/is a contributor to Guitar Circle Colorado, primarily from 2002-2008, but continuing in spirit and with the occasional relapse (aka visit) since that time.