This is an area set aside for the benefit of my musicking students. I may grow it as necessary, but for now it is very simple — divided essentially on whether the underlying resources are structured or unstructured.

In general, I will usually point students directly to the things they need — this is not intended to be a “follow-the-steps-and-teach-yourself” sort of thing — but sometimes browsing is appropriate anyway. And so there are:

Blog posts.  This is simply a filter of blog posts in the “student resources” category. Here, in general, you’ll find things like exercise ideas, notes on specific tunings, observations about technique, and other unstructured tidbits that may be of interest to students. Note that I try to tag all such posts with several keywords that you can chase from there, so if you’re looking for further related things, consider the tags an intentional tool.

Resources.  Here, you will find more structured documents, especially ones that introduce important concepts. I will also use this place to organize some things that logically belong together. Please consider it to be a perpetual work in progress, because that’s exactly what it will be!