The intent of this page is to deliberately collect and organize some key resources that might be of interest to students.  (There is also a blog post category for “student resources” that you can think of as a more raw, unstructured capture of items of interest.)  It will surely evolve over time, and may ultimately give way to a different structure entirely, but this will serve for now!

Overview – planning your path.  I use this primarily as a device for starting to work with someone new, but it is also a useful overview and refresher for anyone needing to reconnect again.

Diatonic Seventh Chords.  This came out originally as a pair of blog posts at my first musicking blog;  here, I put the complete idea in one place.  The value in the discussion isn’t so much the details of any of the individual chords on the mandolin, but rather in the mental process of permuting–altering–a base triad to uncover a whole family of chord forms.

Tertian Arithmetic.  Another post from the first blog;  this one introduces the idea of “tertian arithmetic” as a tool and device for approaching extended chords (i.e., ninths, elevenths, thirteenths) as a polychord of two simpler forms played together.