Dan Crary, ‘Lady’s Fancy’.

When I first got blown away by bluegrass music, I do recall running across Dan Crary’s name here and there, but somehow it all got lost after discovering Tony Rice’s astonishing work with the first David Grisman Quintet.  And so it took a number of years for me to circle back around to Crary as a composer.

Mistake.  Dan Crary is a monster and has been for a long time.  When I first started to set up a Pandora station for “work”, Crary was the first seed, and that has turned out to be an inspired choice.

I don’t remember finding a live clip of him playing “Lady’s Fancy” the first time I looked for one, but fortunately, there is at least one!

Duly bookmarked!


Davey Graham, ‘She Moved Through the Fair’.

A few years ago, I spent some effort carving out a place for British guitarist Davey Graham’s instrumental music on my Pandora “work” station.  (It was an effort because Pandora kept thinking that I wanted to hear blues singers;  the system took a while to learn otherwise, but we got there.)  This morning, “She Moved Through the Bizarre / Blue Raga” came up, and reminded me why that effort was so entirely worth it.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of video of him playing live, but there is this, which is close enough to make the point.

And as for the version from the record, that is here.

Graham is a bigger influence on lots of players than you’d think, given his own relative obscurity.  That fella seemed to have his own demons, but he was the real deal and a fantastic fount of great ideas.