Polyrhythm graphic.

There’s a programming experiment and educational resource in here somewhere, I am sure.


Pretty cool, no?  Maybe I can devise a programming experiment as a collaboration with my daughter (who’s just becoming interested in programming), with some basic utility tools like lighting up one or more of the polygons at a time (and therefore ignoring others), slowing it down, providing counts at sync-up moments–etc.  I suspect it will be worth it as an educational tool for grokking polyrhythms, and possibly other things too.  (Yes, I are a geek.)

Found via the TwitFace, as posted on Imgur, and reproduced here for bookmarking and attribution.


Adam Neely on pitch as rhythm.

There will be more on Adam Neely, I suspect.  He’s quite clearly got a skill, and it looks like there’s a lot to learn from him.

But for now, this is bookmarked without much comment.  Here, Adam presents the case that pitch is actually rhythm.  It goes fast, but he makes a really cool case!